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We did a long study with consulting firms and crews engineers to work something special deserves the Palestinian citizens, who have suffered so much from the difficulties of life, our company that decided to be Salone Ceramic companies that share with you our company to facilitate the book for ceramics and porcelain and sanitary ware for your home and your company, and to be one of the largest companies in the field of import ceramics, porcelain and high-quality modern sanitary ware, and all that you see today in the Salone company of newness and beauty of the place thanks to the wise management and a commitment to research and development. The Salone Ceramics Company is an ideal destination for the betterment and good taste.

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Our products are of Distinctive quality and global
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main center: Gaza- alshefa street - alnaasan tower First branch: Deir El Balah - Salah El Din Street - opposite Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital
Tel: 0097082828329
Mobile: 00970592022601
e-mail: info@saloniceramic.com